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Be the Last Dude Standing

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Check out a new mod called Last Man Standing for Doom 3. Unlike the deathmatch version of LMS you may know about, this is a co-op version which will pit the players against a bunch of monsters. The object of the game is to survive as long as possible and be the last man standing (hence the name). Sadly the project doesn't have much to show yet (one test map), but the idea sounds pretty cool, so I hope it doesn't go the way of so many classic Doom projects.

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unless you go around killing all the other players so you will be the last one alive, that would be cheap. how about if you kill another person, you are killed instantly?

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Most likely you won't be able to damage other players.

Doesn't stop stuff like getting in the other player's way or trying to blind them with plasma/rocket fire (you don't care if you win, you just want to piss someone else off, etc.)

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