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Forever DooM 2-the sequel! Episode 1.....

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NOTE: This whole story takes place in 1984, for your info.
Forever DooM 2....Episode 1. You could also call it Forever DooM Episode 6, you know.

Scott finally took a fresh breath of air.

He had fought and fought, stumbling here, getting shot here, and in the end he was able to save the state of Illinois. He remembered Chris and how he had betrayed him. He remembered how stunning the cyberdemon was. The walls seemed to close in on him when he started to leave. "Scott..." He heard in the background. It was as if someone was talking to him..."Scott...Scott! Hey, dude! Are you gonna check out or what?" Scott awoke from his daydream. He had been daydreaming at the checkout aisle at the local Jewel Osco near his brother's town home in the western suburbs of Chicago. "Oh yeah. Sure. Go ahead." "I just did, man. That will be $74.52, please." Scott paid the cashier and left. He got in his corvette and started to drive back to his brother's town home.

Scott pulled in the driveway of his brother's town home. He beeped his horn, and Brian waved back. Brian could be seen from a window upstairs. Scott went inside the town home. He had bought many things, such as a laptop computer at Best buy, a TV there, too, and some posters, a fridge, and food. Scott would be given 3 rooms in the town home because it was an unusual town home. It had a "Guest house" which had a glass-wood door for an entryway, a convienent speaker which constantly played Beetoven and other great composers of the 1800s, it had no accesories though. Except for gold mirrors and a few crystal chandeliers. The place was beautiful.
But Brian's part of the home was magnificent. It would take me quite a while to explain his area of the house. "Make yourself at home." Brian said. "You got a sweet place here, man. My guest house has furniture and all, but it was missing 'my touch'". Scott started to set up his new home.

Meanwhile, the news had gone ballistic, as sightings of pink monsters on mars at one of the radioactive waste facility, or the UAC, and even one of the windows at one of the paceports broke, causing catastrophe. The air was violently sucked out, and all victims died. More sightings in the Chicago area were reported like this:

"Dammit, that imp took my pizza away. It gobbled it up in one bite. Then it growled, scratched someone near me, then ran away."

"Strangely, i was sleeping, and then there was this thing that was white, it had green stuff in its hands, then it started throwing it at me. I was nearly killed by it."

"Whoa, man. Man there was like a man like man riding on his man bike and somethin looked liked a man and then it was a zombiedude and it shot him and the engine exploded and all that..."-Boomhauer from King Of The Hill

We now return to Scott after his place was all set up....

"Whoa man. Now that is a quality...uh, guest home. I'm glad you let me stay here with me, Brian. But i wanna go to Northwestern for one more year to finish off my Graduate's Degree. It was my choice, and i'm gonna go call them. I'm going to finish my valuable degree." "Yeah. I went to USC, and man it is tough to qualify for a graduate's degree. Wanna go watch the Family Guy?" "Cool. I'll be down in 5." Scott was going to finish off his degree. But that means he wouldn't be able to stay at Brian's home. He decided to forget about it until he was 30. Instead, Scott called up his friends, went to a bar, played hockey, and had a street race. He even went to a Ozzy concert while they were at it. Scott came hone drunk, though.

"All'z well comes around..." said Scott. Brian was woken up by him and came downstairs. "What the hell...where have ya been? Are you drunk? Do you have drugs? If you do, get them off of you right now because im not going to jail for you, man." "Ugh...no. I'm just drunk. I'm gonna go to bed..." Scott went upstairs and slept until 12:00 PM. "Huh? Oh my God. What time is it?" Scott said to himself. He went downstairs. Brian was gone. Hey, the Bears were playing the Packers tonight, and Scott thought that Brian went to go get a couple of cases of beer. Scott called Brian's cell phone. Damn, no answer. He decided to just wait for him to come home.

It was 8:00. Time for Monday Night Football with the Bears vs. the Packers. But Brian was still away. Scott knew...oh no. "Shit." Scott ran upstairs, finding in one of his boxes of stuff a SSG. Scott knew that Brian was not going to come back unless Scott went out there to...save him? What has happened to Brian? Whatever. Scott darted down the stairs. He raced to his Corvette, jumped in, started it, and drove out of the parking lot. Scott remembered that Brian's car was gone, and his liscence plate was the word "BroIsHero". Well, that's stupid. Scott started driving. He was gonna search high and low in Chicago for him.

Scott had driven for hours. He now was somewhere on I-90 heading towards Rockford. But wait. Is that...could it be? He saw Brian's car's liscence plate. He pulled out his SSG and pulled up to the car. He had to keep pace with it. He looked in the window. That was Brian!!! Scott loaded his SSG. Brian had duct tape over his mouth and a rope around his arms. The driver he didn't know but didn't care. Scott aimed while keeping his knee on the steering wheel. He fired the gun! He missed him, but the driver was now alert of Scott and his intentions. The driver pulled out his BFG and pointed it at Scott. Quickly, he pulled out his plasma rifle. Oh shit. Out of ammo. Scott thought fast. He loaded his gun one last time, hoping for a direct hit.
Haha! I left you hanging. Well, Forever DooM 2 Episdoe 2 will come out shortly. Thanks for reading!

I have to Delay Forever DooM 2 episode 2, for many personal reasons, such as playing an extreme excess of 3 travel sports, working late hours, and fixing my parents' house far from where i live. I also have a plane to catch in a few hours. But i have a laptop which i can continue to post here on DooMworld for the duration of my trip:) Okay, so that explains it all, so Forever DooM is delayed because i am VERY busy.

Closing update.....
I have CANCELLED FOREVER DOOM FOR NOW. I cannot keep up with this. I just have to find time some other month. Keep an eye out for more updates.

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