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[EDITOR Q] Frencuency

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Is there a way to chose the frecuency of the monitor apart from the resolution in the editor ?
Im sick of seeing it going back to 60hz wich makes me dizzy.

my Monitor can easily squeeze up to 120Hz in a 1027 x 724 res.

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Did you get those figures from the box for your monitor? Just because you can run 1024x768 at 120 Hz doesn't mean you should. In fact, if anything, run it at 72 Hz. 70 is the minimum safe level to run a high-res monitor at, and 72 is generally a good buffer for safety. Anything below 70 at above 800x600 can actually damage your eyes.

I should know - I actually fried a monitor like that once.

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No i dont, I have a viewsonic p75F proffesional 17~ black
wich supports 125 Hz as maximum ( but not recommended )
so it can EASILY fit 90Hz

problem is, I see a line band moving at the default 60 Hz setting wich is annoying, also the screen gets too bright.
I guess my only solution is to wait a good support of the QKEradiant to develop a final version for doom III

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