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"LEAKED" Error message in editor question

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Got a bit of a problem with my editor and want to know if anyone ever got it and stopped it.

When I run my BSP diagnostics, it keeps giving me a "WARNING, LEAKED" error even though I am 100% sure I didnt leak.

Anyone know how to shut it up and make it work????

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Go to file->pointfile if you get a leak, this will create a red line that will point out whats causing the leak.

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Does the console say anything when you use pointfile? Surely SOMTHING has to happen when you use pointfile..

Try looking for the following:

Visportals sticking into the void area
Models in the void area

Other wise, pointfile would of found your leak, it shouldn't fail.

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After doing the pointfile thing Deathman mentioned, try going to the menu and go to Misc and click on 'Next leak spot'. If that doesn't show a read line pointing to your leak then maybe you have an entity that is touching the void (monster, light, weapon, etc...). Also any models you place in your map must not have parts touching the outside.

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