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Q3DM6 for Doom 3, is it allready done?

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Let me first say Hi to everyone on this forum.

But as the subject says, is it done yet or is someone converting it right now?
I know there is a program to convert the Q3 maps into Doom 3 maps but that's not what I mean. I hope that there is someone who will convert Q3DM6 or Q3DM13 to a mars-style/hightech-2145-Doom3-style map with dark shadows and stuff to hide behind and explosive barrels and such in it. It has to be done with new textures also. What's most important for me is that the layout of those maps are the same.
Q3DM6 is also converted for UT2003/4 with new looks but the same lay-out and nearly the exact proportions. When that converted Q3DM6 came out for UT2003 it was right away my favorite map of all others.
IMO Q3DM6 has the best layout ever for a deathmatch or a teamdeathmatch map. It feels like home for me. :D

(Yeah I know, I could do it myself but I can't get the hang of making maps for D3 or Q3. I once did some for FarCry and found that allready hard to do. And also I don't have that much time on my hands)

So if anyone knows of this, would you please point me in the right direction?

Greetz SuCCeSSoR

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Automatic conversions suck... but I´ve already seen some attemps to remake q3dm6 for Doom3.

This remake recreates the Q3-styled gothic / tech style with Doom3 textures:


This remake is based on the layout of q3dm6, but the architecture is rebuild in Doom3 base style:


Screenshot: http://www.planetquake.com/bkp/scrotch/scrdm6f.jpg (View from the central atrium to the rocketlauncher ledge, the jumppad seems to be replaced with a lift)

Note: the thread title mistankingly says q1dm6, but looking at the screenshots you will notice that it is a base version of q3dm6.

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BlackFish said:

There is a converter that makes Q3 maps into Doom3 maps automatically. It doesn't have shader support though.

any idea how to get this?
I think I would try doing 3d map styles then converintg them to doom III
since im absolutely DONT LIKE the editor and the radiant style. -_-

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BlackFish said:

There is a converter that makes Q3 maps into Doom3 maps automatically. It doesn't have shader support though.

You did not read my post good enough. I said that that Q3toD3 program is not what I mean.

OMG, that looks amazing, can't wait for that one.
Thanks for those replys guys.
If theres more news on this I would appreciate it if it is posted in this thread.

Again, thnx very much.

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Depends on your definition of remake...it's meaningless to me for most cases if it's as in compiling with possibly best-looking textures; when there are many changes made from the original, it would be called an interpretation.

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