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DOOM II: Hell on Earth

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Doom II: Hell on Earth
The Sky is Falling

After Doom and his other two companions made it off the Phobos moon base and
on to the assault frigate Jenova. They began the long voyage back to Earth and believed
all the creatures on Phobos were dead and that the UAC and the Earth government would
wipe the rest out that are hiding on Mars. Doom instructed those on the frigate on how to
battle the demonic hordes that they may find. The frigate moved silently through the cold
of space until two days later it intercepted the massive joint UAC and UEG fleet in route
to mars. The frigate stops and Doom boards the carrier that is leading the convoy to
instruct the commander.
“These creatures are unlike anything we have ever fought before. Take care, as
they will swarm you given the chance. Use your best skills and weapons. Always work
together. Now kick some demon ass!” Doom says as he finishes his short speech that is
being broadcast to all the ships. He then brings Freeman to the table to tell the fleet what,
where and who the creatures are. Three days later Doom leaves with the frigate as it
heads for Earth. He then goes back to the cryo-chamber, which he and two hundred
others will sleep for the rest of the two-month trip.

The Rain of Monsters

As the assault frigate approaches earth, from its long trek across space, another
and far larger ship nearly rams them as it begins to enter Earth’s atmosphere. The people
below know nothing of what is coming. Soon the massive ship makes a dead stop and
hovers over the massive city of LA. People look up to see the monstrous ship, which
covers the whole city and blacks out the sun. Its engines glow with a dark green, A loud
rumbling can be heard and the screams of thousands of horrible things becomes clear.
The ship is a cold steel black rectangular mass of flesh, steel, sounds and horror.
Suddenly the people scream and run as the massive doors open and smaller ship stream
out. The ships smash into the ground and one even crushes a group of running people.
Then the door of the smaller ship opens and out pours the hordes of creatures. A squad
of imps tears a group of people to shreds as soon as they emerge from their ship.
Buildings fall as beams of bright fire red energy are shot from the half-living mothership.
Demons round up people and either force them into the ships or into the claws of imps
and other demons. The survivors flee the burning city and head into the ancient desert or
towards the near by military base. The base is a wreak; however soldiers can be seen
firing at the beasts. Most of the base is under the desert sand built that way during world
war III. A missile shoots out of the base’s center and heads towards the mother ship. It
impacts the bottom and a large chunk of fleshy debris can be seen falling in a distance.
Inside the base the commander is calling for backup only to get this message. “They…
are killing us too. We are unable to hold on. Help us… All UEG forces attack. Don’t
let them through! Nooooo…….” Then static. The commander then calls the fleet in
orbit to begin an attack.
After three hours of fighting the sounds of battle die down as the city falls to the
demons. The base however is badly damaged but the humans still hold it. The creatures
soon fell back to the burning city. Taking this advantage the base commander made one
final call into space. The frigate hears them this time and says, “We have the best men
here. As well as one who fought and killed the creatures on Phobos. We will be there in
half an hour, hold out till then.”
The commander sighs then asks him self “Phobos!? This happened on Phobos!”
He then looks out at the burning city to see the mothership high above it and the ashes of
a few still standing and burning buildings. Screams of human and demon alike can be
slightly heard followed by gunfire and blasts. “May the human race survive and recover”
he says to him self.

The Terrible Truth

Doom, as well as the others, awake from the long sleep only to get a message to
board the landing pods. Without any thought doom does so. He only grabs his armor
and pistol not knowing what has happened. With a loud click and snap doom feels the
sudden drop as the pod falls towards earth at over three hundred kilometers per hour.
With in a few moments he feels the pods rockets kick on and as if he is being smashed
into the pod. “Warning hostile activity detected! Warning! Prepare to engage enemy!” a
female computer voice blurts out. With a loud crunch the pod hits the ground and its thin
steel door opens. Doom, for a moment, is blinded by the bright sunlight. However this is
temporary as soon as he can see he looks to the city to see the horrible destruction and the
massive ship above. Without warning he is hit from behind by a demon and knocked into
the air. The beast roars and heads toward him. “Die you shit eating bastard!!” he
screams. Doom getting up grabs a large piece of metallic debris and rams it into the open
mouth of the demon. The creature screams as it falls, pushing the spike even deeper. A
few moments later it twitches violently and dies in its own blood. “Hey over here!!” a
near by voice yells. “The base is two kilometers away. We will make it if we run. I
detected several of the pods in this area. Are you our back up?!” a young soldier asks.
Doom then grunts “What the hell is going on!!! How did these shits ever make it to
earth?” The two then move towards the base and away from the destroyed city. Doom,
who is on edge, is constantly alert and listening for the sounds of the demonic hordes.
Just before reaching the base they come across the wreak of a UEG fighter jet. Doom
and his young partner duck down when he spots two imps checking out the craft. Behind
them are the bodies of the two pilots who are torn to shreds. The younger soldier spots a
new comer. Doom begins to draw his pistol but the soldier stops him. “We call those
large floating red bastards cocodemons. Don’t fire! There are sure to be a few more
around here.” He whispers to doom. Doom reluctantly puts his pistol back into its holster
and curses the creatures. Suddenly a loud burst of auto fire fills the air. The creatures
don’t even get to turn around to see what hit them. A small UAC truck pulls up and two
men are holding their weapons as they shout with joy. “Come on you two we will take
you back to the base.” The driver says. Doom slowly gets in and sits on the bed of the
truck between his new friend and one of the men with the weapon. All but doom and the
young soldier are dressed in heavy armor and UAC uniforms. All are quite with blank
stares, facing each other. Their UAC uniforms are the new corporate color of dark blue
and red. Some of the men are in rags and covered in blood stained armor. The man at the
end of the truck bed is lying down and his head is wrapped in bloody bandages. The
driver has a cybernetic arm that has a small arms attachment and a large blade, it is also
blood stained. Doom then lies back and shuts his eyes.

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thanks i am working on part 2 as of now. This time i write it first in word then i post it here. so expect longer, and more corrections in my grammar, stories

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So far I wasted a whole year of my life playing with those 3 games. Oh, the memories :)

Yeah, the second one's the best. :)

I haven't finished any of them though. :|



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