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Anyone interesed on this monsters?

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In All Hell Breaks Loose there is a cyberdemon with two cyber arms, and resized (in a bad way). My version has nothing to do with it I made it two years ago, basing in the original Cyberdemon sprites, I used psp to make the modifications fit with the original graphics (not that detectable cut and past used on that mod), I also included another mech leg.

If someone feels that one of these guys can be useful on his mod, just let me know and I'll send you a copy.

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If the Cyberdemon has 2 rocket launchers then he should be able to fire 6 rockets instead of 3. It would be cool if you could include a dehacked patch or something to make that happen.

deathz0r, that combination of a Baron of Hell with an Arachnotron looks great!

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Ooh, i have the shitty twin-gun Cyber in another wad by me. I could really use your better, smoother one if that is okay?

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blue said:

where can I download these creations???

You mean as usable creatures in-game? The majority of them only have a single frame made for them, so you can't download them anywhere (unless of course you make them yourself and upload them).

Some can be found in the ZDoom monster wad though. I'm too lazy to provide a link, just do a search in the forums or the idgames database and you should find it.

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Pretty cool, Vegeta, but I think they've been seen before.

DeathZ0r: lol, I guess that barachnotron could actually be good for joke wads...

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