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Hell Trek

Chapt1: The Assignment of “Suicide?”

I had been in a comer for 3 hours, “aaaarrrgggghhhh!” I screamed in pain, the huge shard of metal would not move out of my gut.
“Come along now Mr. Tombs, you must stop making such a fuss.”
“Listen now Ben shut up and in no time I’ll have it yanked outa ya in no time at all, it’s hit the main nerve stem of your body, so you’ll be glad to hear that after this you shouldn’t feel pain!”
“Yeah well shame I can’t feel pain right now is it!”
CRACK!... I had been knocked out by him with a baseball bat.
10 hours later I woke up now in my military hospital ward.
“Hey dude you never guess what, in 24 hours we’re being dispatched on the Diemos moon!” said Carl.
Carl was one of my best friends in the army, we where in the special forces our unit where known as the “DOOM squad” it consisted of either the most clever soldiers in the entire world or purely the toughest and bravest.
Out of 15,000 who are good enough to try out a year only 3-5 make it in.Me and Carl where in the Alpha sector of the squad, the squad had around 200-300 in it and split into around 35 sectors. The Alpha team consisted of 6 of the most ruthless troops in the universe Carl, Byron, Bruce, Camilla, Sgt. Morten and myself. The Sarge was 52 and had been in the army since 17 and had fought in 4 wars, he had short grayish hair and was about average height and weight and had a lean muscular build. Then Byron a Russian outlaw, he’s the most aggressive of the group and is a bit fucked in the head, and no one messes with him and not because of his aggression but simply cause of the fact he’s 6 foot 8inches and 17 stone and is a really keen weight lifter and lifts aprox 55 kilos in 1 arm! The big bad black Bruce as we like to call him is next up, you don’t have to know him to realize how tough he is, just the fact he’s black 6 foot 2 inches and doesn’t smile, that’s all! He is an ex SAS man and expertise with his sub machine gun that he carries round everywhere with him! Then its Camilla she looks nice and smells nice and shit like that but boy she’s a nasty bugger! She’s mastered 4 styles of martial arts and been in the army for 21 years. She has a strange craving to shoot things with her obsessive 2 hand guns, for this she’s nicknamed Lara Croft! Then you’ve got Carl, his dad made him join the army, he didn’t want to know but some how ended up a pretty good soldier and one of the best shots in the entire DOOM squad which is a very high honour.Then me I’m 6 foot 1 inch and 14 stone I live to kill things and probably on this squad not just cause I’m pretty tough but cause my calmness and stealthy movement.

“Awwww, why do we have to do so many bloody missions?” I said.
“Well… cause were the best there is, besides this sounds like a pretty serious one, the Phobos moon base had totally silenced the radio contact and on the Diemos moon, well the same only 72 hours ago we sent 3 men in to see what’s wrong and no-ones heard any thing of them so then 48 hours ago a proper Raiding squad was sent in with 10 good soldiers in and again no reply, so now just 8 hours ago one of the DOOM squad sectors, I think the Zulu team went and discovered all the bodies dead and some quartered and some strung up and there where a few weird inscriptions on the walls in their blood! But the most shit thing was that there where around 5 or 6 dead bodies of what looked like monsters they described them as “demon-alien things” then after an hour there where gun shots and cries of rage and fear and death heard and weird sorts of growl noises heard for a solid 1 hour and 23 minutes afterwards there was 6 minutes of radio silence and they said that they where 9 men down and had just 5 left and used 77% of all their ammunition and only killed 4 of these creatures who are extremely hostile and they followed them around and they went through some sort of port hole and it closed. They described it as if it was a gate way to Hell itself! And that the UCA must have been experimenting on some seriously weird shit. Then 2 hours ago we sent of the Terror squad who are the elite unit in these sorts of situations to join them and now there was 13 soldiers down there and around 10 minutes ago there was 4 minutes worth of firing and cries and have just announced that they’ve lost another 5 men and killed another 2 “demons” so us and the Delta team are going up there to 1st take up hordes full of ammunition and a few sub machine guns cause these guys said that these creatures are hard to put down so rapid fire is the answer or even heavy fire so we can only take double barreled sot guns chain guns or if you want sub machine guns, where even allowed to take grenades.”
After all this I was sitting there mind boggled of what he just told me.” Jesus Christ mate! I’ve just come out of and operation and now in 24 hours were going to get our arses fried by a bunch of mutants then quarted? NICE!”
“Yeah well that’s what were here for!ha!”Replied Carl.
“So what exactly are we doing up there then?” I asked.
“Well we are going to kit up and all of us are splitting up us (Alpha) are going off Delta and Zulu are together and the other 3 are going to stay back at the computer station and guard the entrance a bit weird seeming as they are a raiding squad so are expertise at this shit but it sounds bad so is the DOOM squads duty. Any way after that we secure and kill of anything in the base and then are to press on through the gate way! Then the 3 guards are to press up to the gateway and guard there because on their way there after we’ve sweeped up through the base they will have a 2nd sweep on their way up when they arrive they contact base and then 3 Gorilla tactical squads of 12 are coming up to back us up no matter what our status even if where all dead. Then 6 proper guards will come to the gateway and then those 3 will leave while another 6 proper guards guard the main entrance.”
“Well that was long winded! Sounds like some pretty heavy shit, lets move then pal!” I replied.
We walked of to the canteen for our last meal then go to prepare and focus on our next assignment. I had a felling in the back of my mind that this would not turn out very well…

Chapt 2: Here we go!

“Okay guys lets kit up!” called Sgt Morten.
We had 5 hours then we were off down to Mars to investigate Phobos. We all packed flares power torches (to blind the enemy with), medic kits and spare armor. For my primary weapon I selected the A2 Pulse Assault rifle, it was the standard issued weapon to all soldiers but was very effective, I liked it because it could fire off a whole clip (100 rounds) in 40 seconds which is pretty rapid fire power! Then for my second weapon was my twin- barreled shotgun, I’d never go to any fight without my sweetie at my side when the shit hit the fan! Camilla and Sgt Morten picked the same primary weapon and the Sarge had 2 Uzi’s as spare and Camilla picked her famous 2 pistols as her secondary weapon. Byron’s first weapon was a double barreled rocket launcher! He would have his work cut out for him because it only hold 10 heat seeking rockets at the time and would have to carry around 50 spare rockets in his bag pack, this didn’t bother him though he was used to the weight, his secondary was the A2. Then Bruce carried his infamous MGAS
Gun, it was his humongous sub-machine gun it was belt fed and the bullets where 3 inches long and fired off 300 rounds per minute! He must carry about 300,000 rounds on him; his secondary was the smaller version of it!
The rounds where 1 inch and just fired 100 shots in a minute. Carl picked his combat shotgun (just a faster and more powerful one of a normal shotgun) as his 1st choice and then picked a plasma rifle as his secondary weapon, even though it was his favorite weapon and was pretty much perfect with it! So we where all had sufficient fire power to take out these “alien-demon” sorts of creatures.
“Okay we are the 1st wave in to secure the Phobos base so at least there’s more little devils to kill, our unit has now been given “Victoria” attached to our unit.” We then heard a weird sound come round the corner and then a fairly big robot looked around the corner. “She’s state of the art equipment she has had the DOOM squad training program loaded in her and has the ability to transmit radio messages to any recognized signal beacon from any distance whether it be 3 million light-years away or 3 meters away. And as I said with it being state of the art it knows pretty much anything! She can also be turned of and folded up and put in 1 of your bag-packs.
“Hey baby! So do you fight?” asked Carl.
He lunged at her (just to test her out) and within 4 seconds Carl was on the floor and Victoria had him in a hold, he was in great pain.
“Ha ha ha!” laughed Sgt Morten.
“Like I said she’s got the DOOM squad training program in her, and probably an advanced version so if things get shite she is our guard!”
“Gees! She a fucking tough bitch that’s for sure!” said Carl.
“But what the hell is she armed with she’ll not last an hour with just hand to hand and what is she powered by?” asked Byron.
“Show em Vicky!” said Sgt Morten.
Victoria deployed a super chain gun out of each shoulder, the team all looked pretty impressed.
“She’s powered by Plutonia and it will need re-charged after 25 years of continuous use!” Sgt Morten said excitedly.
“So c’mon you badass DOOM marines pack ya bags put ur poo in a sock and lets get out there and find out what the heck’s goin on at Phobos and go in this “gateway” and find the sources of these problems!” Said the Sarge.
We were just entering the drop off ship and where just setting off I was pretty raved up and felt a little aggressive but still had that funny feeling we where all shit out on this mission.

Chapt 3: What the HELL is going on here!?!

“Okay guys buckle up, where in for a bumpy ride, remember as soon as we land were straight in and raiding the damn place! Do you get me?”
“We get you sir!” We all replied.
The space ship released us and we where falling at 700 mph down to Phobos, as it was a 5 minute fall I quickly checked my provisions, I had everything and was pleased at that.
“WOOOHOOO! Holy shit yeah!”Cried Carl, he seem ed to be enjoying the stomach churning drop!
I was getting one of my feelings again, ever since I was a young lad I had a sort of feeling someone or something bad was close or about to happen, I sometimes rarely foresee that there is an enemy around a corner or something and 8 out of 10 times I’m right! Anyway this feeling was giving me the impression that this mission was really gonna be shit and that whatever is going on and killin people in that base will kick our fucking teeth out, even though we where probably one of the best units in the entire universe it had no effect in what was in store for us, I breathed in and screamed out “LETS FUCKIN KILL THESE BASTARDS!!!” that was to reassure myself, everyone replied loudly to me and so at least our morale was not dented.
!CRASH! The pod had landed and the whole team rushed out and surrounded the door way and pointed our weapons at it, the Sarge signaled for me and Carl to go up and open it and have first look in. Carl ran a bypass on the entrance code and the door opened slowly, as it was opening I bent over and went straight in, the place looked a tip and there where the 3 battle-worn troops on guard. They all looked very spooked but alert.
I signaled back to Carl for the all clear and the rest of the squad entered, we could hear the Delta teams ship coming down.
“So what is the situation then? Where is the remainder of the Zulu team?” asked Sgt Morten to one of the saner looking troops.
“There’s blood and shit everywhere and we lost round 70 odd men but we only killed 5 or 6 off em!” he replied.
“Who did son? Who did?” Asked the Sarge.
The man turned around and faced him “THEY TORE THEM TO PIECES!!!” He exclaimed.
“What… Who killed them soldier?”
We where all waiting for him to say it.
“What fucking demons? Where are the survivors of the Zulu’s?”
“Them things up there.” He pointed up at the 3rd level, none of us could not see anything at first but then as I saw it we all began to make out a shadow next to the balcony of something, it looked fairly big and was covered in what looked like spikes or horns all over him.
“What the bloody hell is that?” Said Bruce.
Just then we heard it cry out, AAAAAAAA!!! Suddenly the thing picked up what looked like to be a man he held him over the balcony, you could see blood dripping all the way down to this floor CRACK it snapped out the mans bottom of the spine and tore all the way up to the top and then dropped the dead body all the way to this floor and then held up the spine with the head on the end and roared out as if in pride.
“SICK BASTARD! AAARRRGGGGGHHH!” cried Bruce. He fired off about 40 rounds at the thing and it cried in pain and fell over the balcony dead.
“Okay listen where is the Zulu squad?” asked the Sarge to brake the tension.
“They are on the second floor at the back in the room next to the room where that god damn gate is.”
“Okay, thanks we’ll take over you guys stay here on guard till the 2 tactical squads arrive.”
The Delta team entered. “Okay guys, we’ve really been put in the shit so keep it tight and do a slow and thorough check and ensure it’s very safe” said the Sarge to the Delta team. They went straight of left and ventured thorough while making radio contact with the Zulu’s.
“Okay you badass troops lets get going, you sore how well Bruce put that thing down, there not impossible to beat so lets make them bastards sorry they did all this shit! Do you get me?”
“WE GET YOU SIR!” we all cried back to him.
Bruce, Carl and I all went up at 1st wave followed by Byron and Camilla on the flanks then the Sarge at the back.
I was in front by about 5 meters and stepped in a load of blood, guts and shit. I then got that feeling again, there was something around the right corner, I swiftly swooped round and yelled really loudly and fired around 8 or 9 shots then Carl ran up next to me and fired numerous amounts of plasma cells, there where 3 dead bodies before us two looked like fucked up mutant versions of us and one was a huge pink fat piece of shit. Me and Carl looked up at each other, we both knew what each other where thinking to ourselves, what the hell are these things? Then we went on down a long hall about 40, 50 meters long and we came to a point where it split up in 4 but all met up at the bottom about 200 meters far down! There where numerous rooms to secure down all the halls and so we needed to split up just as we all grouped together from the far right hall there was what looked like a ball of fire coming to us followed by another “Crap! Heads down troops!” shouted the Sarge. Then he shot down the hall and we heard a cry of pain then what sounded like a body hitting the ground hard. Then we heard growls and moans off anger and distress we all knew there was things waiting for us so all got extra alert and huddled to plan teams to secure each hall and meet at the end, this is all fucked up and very unreal I thought to myself. We huddled in with Byron watching over us on guard looking nervous but serious.

Chapt 4: The parting of ways.

“Alright people, Tombs and Carl take the far right, I’ll go down the next one, Camilla and Byron do the next then the far left is all yours Bruce!” ordered the Sarge.
We all shot right to our objectives, me and Carl both went to each side of the hall and crept down GRRRR! There was a louder growl getting closer and closer then we heard a rattle and crashing noise coming from the 1st room on my left side. Carl signaled he had my back and I stormed in yelling a battle cry “AAARRRRGGHHHH!” I fired a 3 round burst at the figure on the ground. Suddenly it got up! It growled out at me and snarled then before it could get any closer I snatched back for my twin shotgun and blasted a huge hole in its chest, which seemed to do the job! I put my shot gun back and retrieved my A2 and inspected the room, I found a dead body which had a huge hole in it and certain parts where missing, they where all over the walls and there where signs in the walls of some sort of weird type of writing. BANG BANG ANG! I heard shot gun shots coming from the opposite room and then I rushed out and there was Carl standing there looking exited with a big gash across his chest down to his torso, “HA! I killed 3 of the ugly cunts!” he exclaimed. We where both getting high on adrenalin and morale and swooped down the corridor. Just then a fucking huge thing jumped out at us, it was one of those brown spiky bastards but before he could growl he had 12 A2 founds in him and 2 shot gun shells! Then from our left out of the huge dining room there where faint gun shots, just as we both looked over there where about 20 bullets hitting the walls next to us so we immediately dived behind the wall at each side of the big doorway. I signaled to Carl for him to go in and grenade the fuckers while I put covering fire down. “GO, GO, GO!” I cried.
Carl sprinted in and dived to the floor behind a turned over table and started to crawl his way there. Meanwhile I was in combat with around 5 or 6 mutant, ugly and weird looking humans. I put 3 of them down and just before I reloaded and went back into contact BOOM! Carl had bombed them! But then there where another 2 who just came in to see what all the bloody noise was so he fought them while some big fucking thing jumped on me just as the grenade went of. It knocked the gun out of my hand and I was lying on the floor and just then it came back. “AAARRRGGHHH! YOU BASTARD YA!” I cried, it was one of those huge spiky things! I grabbed him by the throat and threw him of me then I got up and raised my fists ready to pound the shit outa him! He came back and I karate kicked him to the wall and picked up a chair in the corridor and flung it at him. But I took on more than I bargined for he threw a ball of fire at me, I pissed myself, I must say I wasn’t expecting that bugger! As I ducked from it and got back up he was right there and it was his turn now! He swiped at me and I must have been knocked around 4 or 5 meters away down the hall! Unluckily my A2 rifle was right back where I got hit but I remembered the shot gun I had so as he was coming for more the bastard got shot! Bet he didn’t expect to be introduced to Mr. fuckin lead did he?
“Fuck man you okay Tombsy?” asked Carl.
“Oh yeah! Peachy mate, absolute top fucking class!” I replied.
We walked on and the corridor was coming to an end but at the end of it where the other 3 met up we heard MGAS machine gun shots coming from there, then other one’s, it was the rest of the team! Our buddies where in shit so we legged it down and at the end the whole team where bunched in the middle surrounded by zombie looking creatures and the odd big brown bastard.
We joined in and we all put fire on them, “C’MON YOU SOFT CUNTS! KICK THEIR FUCKING TEETH OUT! AAAA!!!” cried the Sarge. He was in his element and on form, nothing got close to him, you could tell he was a real professional soldier who had been in the forces for 23 years!
After 10 minutes some of us started to venture down the next hall way but me, Carl and Byron stayed back because there where still 9 or 10 left.
After 2 minutes they where dead but there was a brown thing left and we where all reloading it lunged at Byron. Come to think of it now it was quite entertaining! It didn’t last a second with Byron! He just simply caught it and literally just snapped it in half at the spine!
“Fucking hell Byron! Don’t need to show of mate! We know you’re the toughest living thing on this base!” complimented Carl.
He just grunted and we went down the last corridor as we went down we saw about 7 dead bodies. The rest of our Alpha team will have killed them.
We then made out their figures, that’s it we had secured the base now we just had to go to these things home and roast their fucking balls off!
I was getting that feeling again; we arrived in the room and the Delta and Zulu forces where at the other side of the room. The gateway was there, the feeling was getting very bad, even though I was tough and badass and all that shit I was just starting to get anxious and weary, then it hit me, this gate way thing had violence, evil, pain and death written all over it. W e where screwed!


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