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GTKradiant 1.5.0 Compile?

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I know Gtkradiant latest beta doesnt have a "build" menu, but I heard there is a way to use the console of doom III to compile it. is there a way to do it?
using "map map1.map" in console always asks for a map1.proc then halts giving an error claiming its missing

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Try "testmap <mapname>" in the console. Note that you must include the path to the map. So if your map is in doom3's main map directory, and was named "mymap.map", the command would be "testmap maps/mymap.map"

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ok got it thanks
someone in the radiant's irc network said the 1.5.0 version doesnt have a command to build
so you have to build it manually ( thing I did by using dmap in the doom 3 console and then "map bla bla bla.map"

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