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Inmates get high on spider venom

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A 40cm high marijuana plant was found at Long Bay jail four days later.
quite small, but, christ that's funny...did the inmates really expect that to not get found?

jeez, it would never get proper care, terrible soil i imagine, no nut's...what a crappy plant, not even worth smoking IMO if it were to survive to flowering even

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Gokuma said:

Looks like Captain Murphy is at it again. Oh wait, those were Scorpions.

"Whats on tap for today? Ohh! Mangoreighhart! The thinking mans pop!"

SPiders are dumb.
Spiderman on the other hand is cool.

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Good thing they were'nt sniffing Formaldehyde, cause that turns people in prisons into zombies. That shit movie said so...

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