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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.5

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DOOM:Man the barons of hell are on strike!
*You can hear barons of hell chanting outside,saying "we wont take rockets anymore,cause DOOM is such a whore*

Duke:Looks like you go a problem.

DOOM:What should I do?

Caleb:Well,they said they dont want to be shot with rockets...

DOOM:So what?

Caleb:Well,dumbass,shoot em with something else.

DOOM:Like a plasma rifle?

*DOOM leans out the window and fires away with his plasma rifle.It misses most of the barons but hits one.He gets real pissed off and tossess a fireball at DOOM.The fireball
misses and hits Caleb,knocking his lungs out of his chest*

DOOM:Hey,at least they've stopped protesting!

Duke:Yeah.Dude,look at his lungs they're all like blue and shit!


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Why are his lungs blue ? from too much smoking, perhaps ?


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