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Patch bug [Help wanted]

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Hey guys, recently started to use Gtkeradiant 1.5.0 seriusly but found something rare.
The patches work just fine, but once I get them working perfectly. I go to compile the map and once I load the map.. all Isee are BLACK walls where the patches were suposed to be...
when I mean black sectors I mean absolutely no light, like a blackhole in these parts (tried with flash light too )

and no, the map is NOT LEAKED because the wall is continous behind the patches.
According to GTKE's view, the patches are fine, but.. are they wrong? are they inversed?

Hope you guys can give me a hint because its odd.

Just found something after I reopened the map ( wich was now compiled )
all patches suddenly transformed into blue things saying "NO SHADER FOUND"

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just found a way to fix it, you need to compile the map using doom III's engine, then reopen it, all big patches will have mnissing textures, put textures on them again and it will work.

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