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[Story] Operation: Final Cure - Part 1

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Before you get started reading this, no it's not a doom fanfic. This is a story that I update and maintain via a livejournal account every so often, adding more to it. It does use special forces in space fighting against an alien threat, but it's not Doom. I've got some drawings I'm working on and plan to color in photoshop, it's supposed to be more of an anime then anything (I'm sure BlueSonnet can perfectly visualize this as such ;) ). Also the last thing is, is the alien race I called Xeotrites. Mind you, I came up with the name for this race before I knew anything about the trites in Doom 3. However, I am working on a new name for them. You can expect concept sketches to be posted in the near future.

Operation: Final Cure

The laboratory was a dark, menacing place. The origins were unknown, and its age the same. "Brandyn, stop." "What-." I tried to shush him in an attemptto hear what I thought to be the footprints of a zealot guard. Brandyn was whispering someting into the microphone of his headset. We slowly crept forward, trying not to echo th esound of our footprints as we walked along the strange metal corridors. The corridors were very dark, with light only every so often, which was being emitted from large, flourescent, blue-green lights attached to the ceiling in a fixture.

"Where is everyone?" I whispered to myself. Kelly answered. "I wish I knew." Supposedly the Zealots, otherwise known as the Xeotrites, were holding a few rogue scientists who had escaped earth and entered their territory, as hostages in the Alpha Quadrant wherever that was. All we had were directions via headset, being sent to us from Darren through the ship's com-bay, relayed on a nearby but nearly unfunctional satellite. He was also using it to spot our location. It wasn't a position I wanted to be in; we were in a corridor with two openings before and behind us, so that the Xeotrite Elite Warriors could ambush us from behind and attack us from the front, leaving us no where to go but try to kill them and hope we'd live to get out and fail the mission. Surely if we attracted the attention of their elites, they'd send more after us and we'd all be doomed, a personal sacrifice I'm not willing to make. "When will the satellite signal return?" was the only thing I could say. Kelly, through the dim light, looked nervous as I was. "I'm not sure. For all we know Darren and Tristan could be sitting there dead at his station at the ship, while we sit here for eternity stuck on a dead abandonded space lab!"

He wasn't pleased with our situation, I understood why. Our last mission found is in the midst of a territorial war with alien terrorists, religous fanatics, and ourselves stuck in a bunker for an entire month after a simple mishap lead us straight into being P.O.W.s of the alien terrorists. Being stuck in space was a lot worse than being held prisoner in a cell, waiting for reinforcements to take care of a war they didn't have, no, want any part of. But atleast now we had weapons perfectly capable of ending our potential self-inflicted captivity in space. Life was about choices, including te choice to end it if necissary.

As we stood their poised against the wall in the shadows, the light nearest started flickering, creating a psycho strobe effect like some sick alien party. I was rather annoyed by the lighting as it was, this was no help. Brandyn was getting paranoid, or so I thought. His eyes were shifting back and forth from what I could see. I reached to my side to grab his arm to calm him down, and he seemed to stop. As the strobing continued I noticed him turn away from the light with his hand on his head set. The satellite signal had finally came back, it was time to continue...

I was relieved to have directions back and not be stuck here. The possibility of it ending just like that wasn't appealing to me. I'm sure Brandyn felt the same way. I wanted to shoot out the overhead light badly, I was beginning to get a massive headache. As we hugged the walls until we got to the opening at the end of the corridor, we were in for a surprise. "Hey, do you feel this?" Brandyn had his hands against the metal wall, I wondered what he had found so I side stepped towards him. "What is it? Did you find something useful?" He was searching the wall with his hand, I didn't know what for. "What's the deal?" "Feel the wall. It's smooth, metallic, and warm. There must be something behind it. I knocked lightly on the wall and it was indeed hollow. "Are you crazy?! If there's someone on the other side of this they would clearly hear you knocking on the damn thing!" I put my finger to his lips and whispered to him to be quiet.

The way I saw it was that there wasn't anyone here, and if there were they were far enough away we wouldn't wake them. Suddenly Tristan came in. "You guys need to quit feeling up walls and get on with your mission so we can get the hell out of here. I've found your location again, and you need to go to the end of this corridor, take a left, and then turn emmediately to your 9 o'clock and the door the the Mess Hall should be there. Go through the mess hall the the far exit and down the shaft to the lowest level. I'm picking up life force readings there." Brandyn was first to ask, "Can you tell us how many or determine what they are?" I was hoping there wouldn't be many.

"There's four large life forces, two medium life forces, and three small life forces. The smallest ones are about guaranteed to be the scientists. You're going to be facing odds not in your favor as usual. I can't locate it but there should be a defense armory around the lab somewhere close by." Great, as if "close by" told us anything. Brandyn had an annoyed look on his face, said thanks, and set his wrist computer to let us know when the next time we'd lose the satellite signal due to its strange orbit. I decided to ask Brandyn what he wanted to do. "So what do you want to do, head face first into the zealots or look for that armory?" He was fiddling with his headset, but replied quickly "If there's four larger life forces then its a safe bet that those are elites, we're going to need a lot of firepower to take them down plus the two infantry soldiers." I began to argue as he walked off. "Wait, the area isn't that big, and from the sounds of it should be wide open. We can use our grenades to do the work." Then it hit me that the suggestion I had made could very well fail our mission, but Brandyn caught it. "Yeah, and risk killing the guys we're here to save. No thanks. If we're going to do this we should find the least messiest way possible. Aside from that, I'd prefer not to blow the entire bottom level to shreds so that we'll get to fly off into space."

I nodded and followed his lead. His wrist computer was very handy, it included a map of this levels layout. As we headed towards what we thought looked like an armory room we talked about the old times, before we joined in the Earth Celestial Elite Service. We had many fond memories, and we tried to think of them before we got ready to enter a potentially deadly situtation. Our current recollection was one of a month before hand when we had been practicing our defense and offense techniques in a training park. It was that day when the commander of the ECES was there and happened to spot us. He was impressed, and wanted us to join. At first we declinded, but then decided it was worth a shot, we didn't necissarily have anywhere specific in mind that we wanted to go after we got out of college and got our degrees, no future really in mind. Atleast now we don't regret joining, like many do.

...back on earth...

Everything is silent. The sun shines, the breeze blows, the noise of man-made objects flows within the wind. The sound of life, however, is not to be found. Moments before, the earth was well. For a moment, time froze. Pure silence washed over the entire planet like a tide. In streets where children were at play, there time stood frozen for a few seconds. The few seconds before the blinding light that would erase them and all that they held dear, from existence...

...in space...

"I feel sick." Brandyn was against the wall, hand over his stomach. We were close to the armory, we couldn't stop now. I thought if I went forward he'd opt to follow me, but he didn't. Suddenly around the corner we heard the unmistakable sound of large feet walking on the floor. Brandyn heard it too and unholstered his lightning rifle that he found along the way. "Go over there and distract him so I can figure out how to use this damned thing." I was hesitant to go around the bend and see what we were going to face but I had no choice. As I fiddled with my holster, it stomped around the corner. It had come to us.

We did not know exactly what this was. It had to have been a magical being, no where in the galaxy had a species of alien life form like this been found. It's flailing tentacles nearly nailed me in the head but I had ducked in time to avoid being knocked over. The thing had arms growing out of it's already existing arms. In the panic that had overcome me, I somehow realized that it was big enough that it was hunched over so it could fit into the corridor. Brandyn was yelling at me in the background to distract it somehow. Easier said than done. Suddenly the tiny hairs on my neck stood on end and my skin was tingling. Suddenly the beast roared and charged, four glowing eyes pulsating. Suddenly a large blast of electricity came from behind me, I dove to the side and quickly turned around to witness the monster vanish into smoke. It was definitely the work of the Zealot's priests.

Brandyn looked as shocked as I did. I got up and walked over to him, the my hair still on end. "So...you uh, got it working, huh?" His eyes were wide, he just looked at me and nodded. I offered my hand to pull him up from his position on the ground. Around the corner was the armory. A strangely well-lit area...

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Melfice said:

it's supposed to be more of an anime then anything (I'm sure BlueSonnet can perfectly visualize this as such ;) ).

Anime? What the heck is that? Some kind of pizza?

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BlueSonnet said:

Anime? What the heck is that? Some kind of pizza?

Would I have been better off saying "manga" instead :P

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