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Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3

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Your link does not work for me.

EDIT: After searching on D3HOE's forums for a bit, the proper link is actually supposed to have the extension .SWF, not .ZIP.

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STTP3's scoring system isn't random. It's based on how rapid your punches are. The first punch on a turkey always nets you 10 points. If you punch again fast enough, the next hit will be 25, and every hit after that will be 25 as long as you're fast enough. If you wait too long(~1 second), the next hit will get you only 10 points. The kill of the turkey is determined in the same way. 100 points if you're not quick enough after your previous hit, 250 if you are.

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1. It's left handed, get a right handed one :)
2. Punching is too fast, it gets boring
3. Try to use the actualy Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 HUD
4. Make the sound quality better
5. Let it sound like a turkey when it dies..not a squeeky fart.

Other than you punch a turkey and it's doom related, all the details are nothing like TTP3

I did like the little messages though.

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