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There's a site called 3D Buzz offering free video tutorials for anyone wanting to learn the basics of the Doom 3 editor, no prior Radiant experience needed. There's also Maya tutorials if you're thinking of making models, although the upcoming SDK will have the conversion tools for Maya->model. These videos seem pretty good, heh.

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There are a lot more than just Maya and Doom VTMs at 3dbuzz. Once you have an account, look at the left side panel. There is a section called downloads, and another called online courses. The download section has over a hundred hours of video tutorials spanning around a dozen different applications. The online courses are go at your own pace classes based around these video tutorials. (Not every tutorial has a class, companies originally sponsored 3dbuzz to have classes put up.)

Also, if you enjoy the content, be sure to become active in the community. BuZZ is doing these tutorials for the 3dbuzz community, so if the community dies down, sponsors are no longer interested and BuZZ can no longer afford to keep the site up and running.

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