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DOOM 3 and Service Pack 2

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I just got a good deal on a new HD, Unfortunantly the demons at Microsoft made it impossible to copy the partition with ease or everything intact. Needless to say I installed XP pro again and then installed the updates to XP with Service Pack 2. When I re-installed DOOM 3 onto the fresh system it is BAD. The opening screen for ID software with the beating heart just sits there and displays this series of blinking colored screens. Then it stops on a color and you can hear the intro audio in the background.

I want my DOOM 3 back. Anyone know what is going on here or how to fix?

My System:

400 GB HD Space
SoundBlaster AUdigy
NVIDIA G-Force FX 5700LE

I know it runs, cause I am in the middle of the game.


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heh sucks to be you. when I installed service pack 2, Doom3 worked, before then it crashed after the second level. But thanks to service pack 2, it works now. I dunno how I can change that for you.

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Perhaps you forgot to update all of your drivers after the fresh install? Just a thought. BTW, does anyone know if SP2 comes with DX 9.0c? That might have something to do with it.

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if you dont have up to date driver SP2 can act like a total bitch. my laptop was always freezing up. seeing that all the drivers from comapq are dated 2001 i just uninstalled it until i can find newer drivers for the system.

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