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Post Traumatic Demon Slaying Syndrome

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I wrote this whilst I was waiting for my peeps to get back to me so we could hit the pub. I came back now and tried editing whilst being Tipsy. Without further delay:

The marine stood in a pool of blood. His standard issue combat boots glistened red in the bright light. Inches away from the pool lay it's creator. The sight of death forever marked upon it's face. It was an extremely wretched creature. It's dark brown skin was rough like a hippo, and would make a great pair of boots. Weird spikes stood out of it's humanoid body like some ritualistic accupuncture. 5 bullets occupied the strange beast.

"I'm all out." Muttered the marine, as he checked the clip of his beretta. Exhausted, he collapsed onto the cold floor. He awoke minutes later. The floor was covered in dark hexagonal tiles and was very militant in appearance. Right in front of his face, blood ran through the grooves of the tiles. Bright flourescent light reflected off of the blood. "Utterly fascinating, uttlerly beautiful." spoke the marine to himself. "It's free! Free from the evil veins which it was once enslaved to!" he manicly declared.

He jumped up, and once again he relived the battle. It ran through his mind. He was walking down the hall when it took him from behind. Razor sharp claws tore flesh from his back as the creature made it's move. He swung around, hitting it in the head with his elbow pad. Now facing his attacker he pulled out his beretta and fired desperately. The first bullet hit the beasts's left pectoral muscle, which broke off the spike that it had for a tit. The second punctured the creature's thigh. Irrate and pissed off, the creature howled, and lept at the marine knocking both of them to floor. The Creature sat ontop of the marine and started swinging. The marine used his arms as best he could to deflect the creature's slashing, but the claws effortlessly went through his skin.

Screaming aloud in pain as the claws ripped through his flesh, the marine took notice of his beretta that had landed beside him. The marine picked it up and fired. The first round hit the creature's arm, the second it's gut, and the third went through it's throat. Letting out a hellish scream, it collapsed onto the marine and died. Shocked, the marine layed there, unable to move. It was face to face with him, it's dead eyes staring into his soul. A surge of insanity ran through the marine. He threw the corpse off of him. "FUCKER!" swore the marine as he began kicking it. When his rage subsided he ceased kicking it, and saw the face of death.

Recollecting his thoughts, he approached the large metallic door, took a huge breath, and opened it.

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