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Omega 5

doom 3 on 9600 pro

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I have a radeon 9600 pro 256mb, 256 and 512 of memory, p4 1.6 ghz, and plenty of hd space. I use xp proI scanned for optimal card settings and it put it on medium. I only get 10-20 fps in game. any suggestions?

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Your processor is probably your biggest bottleneck. If you cant upgrade it, try running at 640x480 resolution (if you're not already) or dropping down to low settings. Also make sure that anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering are disabled in the video card's settings.

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its the CPU, also turn off other programs running in the background, like messengers browsers and that stuff. also check for spyware that could be slowing the system down. had one at work like that, halo and doom III would run shit slow. the bitch had a bunch of stuff running in the back ground and had several spyware programs.

the card is plenty for the game, i have the 9600XT which is basicly the same.
by the way my card is the 128MB version

also you cant really update your CPU too much, its the older P4. i belive you can go upto 2.0Ghz

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