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the so-called "Trent Reznor Sound Pack"

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I happen to like the zombie sounds, which not only have a much higher variety of sounds by about 20 more sounds and two seperate voices for the fat and non-fat zombies, but it actually makes thr seemingly non-threatening monsters fearful. For being former humans, they didn't have a shred of personality that makes them seem like a tortured being. I mean these are humans condemned to live in a never-ending time of pain craving the flesh of living beings until Doom guy comes along and puts them out of their misery, and all you hear from them is some fairly humourous grunts (That's supposed to sound scary?). Now they actually agonizingly utter semi-comprehensable words, which only adds to their creepiness. I happen to think all of the zombies look very cool, aside from being a little generic looking, but the sounds they made were just laughable. They may have been week cannon fodder, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't look and mainly sound somewhat scary.

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