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Modifying textures

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I started to examine the pk4 files earlier and found the monster textures. I decided to modify the archvile's face by giving him a wound on one of its eyes. I changed archvile2.tga(diffuse map), archvile2_s.tga(specular map), archvile2_h.tga(height map), and archvile2_local.tga(normal map).

I started up D3 and spawned an archvile. I could see that all but the diffuse map had changed, I now had an archvile with a hole in its head without any blood :/ I have messed around for ages trying to get it to show my custom diffuse map but it wont have it, and I have no idea why. I altered a zombie's diffuse map and again it shows the usual map. I looked in the monster.mtr file found in pak000/materials.


	renderbump  -size 1024 1024 -trace 0.01 -colorMap -aa 2  models/monsters/archvile/archvile2_local.tga models/monsters/archvile/archvile2_hi.lwo
	{	// burning corpse effect
		if	parm7			// only when dead
		// make a burned away alpha test for the normal skin
		blend	gl_zero, gl_one			// don't draw anything
		map models/monsters/archvile/archvile2_dis.tga	// replace this with a monster-specific texture
		alphaTest 0.05 + 0.3 * (time - parm7)
	{	// burning corpse effect
		if parm7			// only when dead

		// draw the fire burn at a negative polygonOffset, so it is behind the other stages
		privatePolygonOffset	-1		// stage-only polygon offset
	      blend add	
      	blend gl_one, gl_zero
		map models/monsters/archvile/archvile2_dis.tga	// replace this with a monster-specific texture
		alphaTest 0.3 * (time - parm7)
	    diffusemap	    models/monsters/archvile/archvile2.tga
		bumpmap		addnormals(models/monsters/archvile/archvile2_local.tga, heightmap(models/monsters/archvile/archvile2_h.tga, 3) )
	    specularmap  models/monsters/archvile/archvile2_s.tga

I dont understand why it wont display the diffuse map because here it is pointing to the correct directory diffusemap models/monsters/archvile/archvile2.tga

I tried deleting archvile2 to see if I got an error when I spawned an archy, but it loaded fine with the normal diffuse map. Maybe it is getting the diffuse map from somewhere else?

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Ah nevermind I've figured it out. It was using .dds files for the diffuse and specular maps located in pak001. I used a program called "dds converter 2" to change my tgas to dds format. The archvile now has a nasty gash on its eye :)

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