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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge spinoff:The DOOM monsters lounge

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Imp:Im sick of this shit!Every day I get blasted with a double barrel shotgun or some shit like that and its pissing me off.

Old Zombie:I remeber the days when there was no super shotgun dagnabbit!There was only one barrel on the sum bitch and we were happy!

Lost Soul:Lick it gramps.

Old Zombie:Eat my old,hairy,wrinkly nuts.

Mancubus:I will.Im hungry!

*A gay Spectre sneaks up behind the Imp and touches his ass*

Imp:Did you touch my ass?

Cacodemon:Oh no!He saw Night At the Roxbury again!

Imp:No Im serious!Someone grabbed my ass!

Baron:Its probly Caleb!Lets go find that bastard and kill him!
*They go off,find Caleb,Tear his leg off and beat him to death with it and go back to the lounge*

Imp:I still say some one grabbed my ass...

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