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BFGTYPE problems

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Whenever I try to set the variable BFGTYPE, it complains that my input is not a valid value. I've tried:


It even complains when i try to set it to BFG9000. wtf?

EDIT: complains whenever I try to change ANY variable. this is during game mode.

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The Eternity console does not expect or allow = signs to be typed between cvars and their values. This syntax is explained in the Eternity Engine Console Reference, which is available online and in the docs package.

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blueduck577 said:
Incidentally, what is the difference between the BFG9000 and BFG11k?

That's also explained in the manual :)

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BFG11k was invented by fraggle as a sort of more-balanced-for-deathmatch BFG. It'll give you splash damage if you fire it too close to a wall or a thing, and the tracers come from the BFG ball instead of from the player, IIRC. This isn't that useful right now since Eternity doesn't have multiplayer, but it's there for the future.

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