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Simple question [how to spawn a colored light in-game]

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Anyone know how to spawn a colored light in game? Testlight spawns a BRIGHT white light. I'd like to know how to make it a color and shade similar to the ambient martain atmosphere light that shines from the window of the first section of Alpha Labs. Thx.

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First off, this belongs in the Editing forum. In the meantime, select your new light source, then press "J" to pull up the light inspector. You can fiddle with everything, including light colour and brightness, from there. You might want to open up the Alpha Labs maps to actually view the existing light sources for reference.

For more editing resources, you'll probably want to check out the Doom3World Forums; there's a bunch of in-depth editing tips and tutorials.

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No, Spike, He's not talking about in the editor. You can spawn lights ingame from the console.

Azreal - the testlight command, at least in the alpha has an attribute. That attribute is the path of a TGA for a "mask" to use for the light. The path starts in the root of the base (ignore the PK4 in the path). So for example -

Testlight lights/hellgate1.tga

should give you an orangey-red light. You can create your own (I made one from the Doom Titlepic and projected it in the alpha), Just make a 'lights' dir under the base dir and put your TGAs in there. They're standard 24bit tgas, as far as I can tell. Black, in the image is no light, white is the brightest light, and the varying colours will show up as coloured light of the brightness of the colour.

I didn't check if this works in the final game, but I see no reason why it shouldn't.

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