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Transitioning/lighting advice

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Well, this is my first map i'm working on right now, not sure if i'll release it or not when i'm done, but anyway, onto the question

I know that mixing themes is a bad idea and can make things look... ugly, but, well, i'll explain what i'm doing here. The whole map is supposed to be based around a somewhat... temple/ruins kind of surrounding. In any case, what i'm planning on doing is having a somewhat "carved out" section, where the demons are supposed to have, you know, dug into, giving it a rocky cave look. Well transitioning from the green marble i'm using, to rock sounded bad, but my plan was to have a stairway that fades into darkness, pitch black at the end, with some torches highlighting the door at the end, which moves into the cave area. I'm not sure if it'll work, so i'd like some advice on whether or not this would cause me to lose serious points in the detail/aesthetics kind of region.

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