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Doom 3 demo out

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cool, i haven't gotten doom3 yet but i'l download the demo to see if it can run at all with my current computer.

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BlackFish said:

It's fuck. And there are a pluriful of ut2004 mods which have higher download costs.

And take a look at Battlefield 1942 mods, too - Desert Combat: 300 MB. Galactic Conquest: nearly 550 MB with patch. Action Battlefield: 220 MB (which is really just supposed to be a simple gameplay mod)!

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They should have released a shorter tech demo as well. Just a small slice of a level so we could see how our systems run it. 500MB, jebus, some of us are still on 56k.

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Im kinda nervous to play the demo.Im done downloading it but I have a feeling It would look like Crap on my PC.

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