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mouse issues

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hey, I just got doom collector's addition which seems to play ok except when I use my mouse I can see the curser only when it moves over the close, minimize and maximize icons, which arn't displayed in-game but appear at the same time as the curser does. when I click on them, doom minimizes(or if I click the "x" doom closes). I made sure I had nothing else running to cause this, the only thing that comes to mind is that this version of doom doesn't load directly to the game but to a configuration screen first which may still be open? I'm on win xp by the way... sorry for the rant but I like my mousie, any help?

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Let's see. IIRC, the Collector's Edition of DooM contained the Doom 95 executable, am i right? If that's what you're using, I can tell you, Doom 95 sucks. And besides sucking, Doom 95 also has tha annoying "feature" that the use of the mouse under Win2000/XP systems is a real hassle. Some people have found this to work, but I wouldn't recommend it. Instead, download any else of these:


(Source ports, i.e. new and improved executables of the game, ported to many different operating systems)

Two of the better ones are PrBoom (http://sourceforge.net/projects/prboom/) and ZDoom (http://www.zdoom.org).

Use any of these executables to play the game instead of Doom 95. Their use is often very similar to that of the old executables, so there's no unfathomable learning curve here. :-)

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