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corrupted install

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Hi all

I have downloaded the Doom3 demo twice now, both from different sites, and each time at the very end of the install, I get a corrupted i/o file error message stating that the media may be corrupted.

Any ideas as to why both installs seem to tell me that the installed is corrupted? Anyone downloaded and installed the demo from a reliable mirror site?

At 470MB, this has taken the better part of half a day to download the demo twice, only to find it won't install.

I am running WixXP Pro with SP2.


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Hmm, my copy of the demo installation file is 461mb. There's a list of mirrors in this thread. It is also possible that part of your hard drive is damaged, and the demo is being copied to that area of the drive. If possible, try downloading and installing the demo on a seperate partition or seperate drive. Also try defragmenting your drive before downloading the file.

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