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RTC-3057: Moron needs help

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I know the rest of you are way past this wad, but I'm back at it again after putting it aside for a couple weeks out of frustration.

I'm up to Deck 5 and I finally found that friggin' red key on Deck 3. Now a control panel on Deck 5 says I need a blue access card to install new software. Where is that?

Also, other posts talk about pipes and windows that need to be shot out as part of the decomtamination procedure or something. Where are these?

Please post spoilers, not hints.

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I'm pretty sure you need to open a vent on deck 5 using the control panel. The blue disc should be beyond there some place. And you don't need to worry about shooting anything since your past deck 4.

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Thanks for the info. Somehow I missed the "open/seal" command on the Deck 5 control panel. I quickly found the blue data card and I'm on my way.

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