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New Doom 2 wad.

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Hello Doomers.

I was wondering, because i was playing the Doom 2 map "Inmost Dens" and i was thinking of making a castle level sort of like this level but using some of the Gothic textures. I want to know what you think of this idea as i want to make a castle type of building about the size of that room but with more detail.

Also i may make a cool *.bex mod too but at the moment i only have a laptop to work on with only boom v2.02 and Doom 2 but not much else, so i may not be able to release any more levels for a while until i can afford to fix my P.C but look out for my stuff in the future.

The bex patch/mod i can just type in on my friends Internet comp so maybe i can release that soon.

But enough of my whinging about lack of Doom mapping, what do you think of my mapping idea as i want to make a level slighly easier to get through in UV than realm of Hell but still with some good gameplay.

bye for now.

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New levels are always welcome. Good new levels are not only welcomed but encouraged.

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