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reskinning and model viewing

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OK here's what I want to do. I want to skin all the monsters Grey and make them real shiny. THe shinyness will make it easier to see the form and the uniform grey will keep the paint job from confusing me as to what parts are more reccesed.

I need reference for my sculptures that's the whole reson for this.

SOOO how do I do it?
THNKS in advance :)

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The first thing you want to do is to create a directory called models in doom3\base\.

Now take a look at pak002.pk4 and browse though a directory called monsters. In there are subdirectories for each monster. In there you'll find the skin files.

Now you'll need to locate two skin files: the diffusemap and the specular map. Most cases they are named like this:

cacodemon_d.tga -diffuse skin
cacodemon_s.tga -specular skin

Usually has the _d or _s at the end to indicate what use it has.

You can edit the diffuse skin for the grayness and you can edit the specular skin for the shinyness. Now for editing the specular skin, its up to you, but you can just add more white in it to increase the shinyness.

Since doing this will overwrite the main game data, you'll have to save it as a mod. Otherwise you can just ignore this part.

Create a directory where Doom3.exe resides. (ex: C:\Doom3\ShinnyMonsters\

And then place gamex86.dll, DoomConfig.cfg and doomkey in that directory.

Once you're done with the skins and stuff, pak your models directory as a pk4 and stuff it in your mod directory.

Then you can later load it in the main menu.

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Sorry for the bump but I have to ask. How do I open the pak002.pk4? My Computor thinks it's a Notepad application and stops responding after a while, what do I open it as?

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Thank you both very much! Just one last thing what do I use to open tga files? Can any image editing software handle them?

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