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Doom Marine

Wads that take advantage of Boom features

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Here's a small list:


Vengeance (rather limited use of Boom features)
The Parallel Dimension
Phobos: Anomaly Reborn (one of the biggest showcase WADs for Boom features)


Demonized (be careful with this one: it needs a 100% Boom compatible port but it's also an excellent showcase for inventive use of Boom features)
The Brotherhood of Ruin

If you are wondering why there isn't that much content the answer is simple: Most mappers interested in using these features have switched zto ZDoom because it offers even more editing features.

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There are quite a lot of them, but it's not easy to generate a list; there aren't separate folders in the archive just for Boom wads, and a search in the idgames database for Boom anywhere in the text-file generates a lot of false positives, while a search for Boom in the description misses many of them (while still generating some false positives).

Also, many of the early wads that claimed to "need Boom" just meant for limit extension (that being one of Boom's key features).

I'll just mention 10sectors, kaboom (by Deep) and some of Kaiser's recent wads. Otherwise, you can take a look at Doom's Underground list of wad reviews, where the final column shows what engine is needed. The reviews may also comment on what Boom features are used. The same goes for Sir Robin's reviews.

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deathbringer said:

Virtually everything made after mid-2000 or so. Happy playing

That's new to me. There have been lots of releases that still work with Doom2.exe. Even among source port specific releases there has been more content for ZDoom than for all other source ports combined.

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