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Doom3 HD lag

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Doom 3 runs smoothly in general. However, during the first few miniutes of each level, there is a very slight, but noticible hickup (pause) when moving around. This happens when I host a multiplayer server as well, a periodic very brief pause in the game. This goes away after a few miniutes of moving around. I also think I hear the HD being accessed during these pauses. Can anyone tell me what this is about?

Here are my system specs:

p4 3.0E
1gb DDR
GF6800GT w/ 61.77 drivers
p4c800-e onboard sound (soundMAX)
36gb Raptor

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That problem is usually associated with the textures being loaded into RAM, not the hard disk. Sure, the level is loading which would make the drive access, but it shouldn't be your HD hiccuping. What quality are you running the game at? What are you Windows virtual memory settings at? What speed does your RAM operate at? Have you defragmented your hard disk recently?

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