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800x600 skewed

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Just wondering if anyone else has this problem? When I load the game in 640x480 or 1024x768 the monitor screen is fine, but in 800x600 it's all skewed (bowed out, squezzed, squiggled, etc). I really don't want to have to reconfigure my monitor every time I load and unload DOOM3.

BTW, I'm running a AMD 2600 w/ 333 barton core, 1 gig of 3200 ram, and Nvidia 5900xt 128 meg card.

I'm guessing 800x600 w/ med. detail is about the best I can get?

One other thing, how do you run a time demo to check your frames per second.



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I'd recommend playing around with the width and position of your monitor display.

As long as your desktop resolution isn't 800x600, then it will not affect the resolution you have outside of D3.

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You shouldnt have to make these adjustments every time you play Doom 3. Your monitor should remember your settings for each resolution (unless it's a really crummy monitor).

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