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Questions about sound / opening doors with gui's

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Moving to Doom 3 Editing. Next time please make sure what forum you're posting in.

SupremeGeneral said:

Does anyone know how to put music into levels??

Does anyone know how to open a door by cliking on a gui?

~Much thanks~

Putting music into levels can be tricky. There's two ways, either by creating a speaker entity and have it loop while being global. Although it causes problems as the sound starts randomly in the middle of the sound, and not from the begining, so you could try using the trigger_timer and have it start up the sound and start it up again when the sound is over, but that will require timing it right.

Make your door and in keys type in locked and then 2 for the value.

Now add your model with a gui included and press n and select the gui tab.

Now look in /doors and find a gui of your choice (I can't think of the gui name, but find the one that says "open door")

Simply have the model with the gui target the door.

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