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Hell Has Frozen Over

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I say that because Afterglow has updated. Not only has he updated, but he's released some maps! Head over to his website to grab a new 6-level DM mapset which uses the Darkening 2 resources. And don't forget that all the world's indeed a stage, and we are merely players, performers and portrayers, each another's audience outside the gilded cage.

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Crucified Dreams is still being worked on?

Great stuff, Afterglow. I actually think there's TOO much detail in some places, it makes the maps look too busy. Some really impressive stuff, especially in map02.

I've started a tiny big project, theme is 'realistic hell'. I'd be happy to have you on board.

NMN, if you read this, I still plan to send you my first map, I just haven't been able to make something good yet, I'm getting used to DoomBuilder now. Within 2 months, perhaps?... :-D

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