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The Ultimate DooMer

The /newstuff Chronicles #200

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The Flange Peddler said:

Finally got round to Playing the TNC200 Tribute map and I can't say that I'm impressed, and I don't see why it's doing so favourably in the reviews in the archives. There is no need for half of the new weapons, and overall there seems to be far too much ammo and health in the level. The big battles don't seem very well thought out (just a load of enemies dumped together), and the level as a whole is just a boring linear walk-through from one pretty much square room to the next.

Whilst you have the oldschool doomers on the one hand, who praise any level that runs in the original .exe and keeps to classic (usually E1) style gameplay and theme, I think on the other hand you have those that will adore any map that shows off the features of the newer engines, no matter how bad the map actually is. To me, you can overload a level with badly-used Zdoom features, but that doesn't hide the fact it's still a pretty boring, uninspired level in the first place.

Well said.

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This week someone decided to upload a bunch of my wads (including Surge 2, even though I'm 95% sure it was already there), so I'm eargely anticipating #201... :)

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