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book of id?

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saw this on ebay and wondered if it was worth bidding for?
anyone know anything about that release, I have never heard of it before and wondered if it was 3rd party?


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It comes in the id anthology. You're better off getting that id anthology instead.

(the book of id contains the story of id software's birth and success up to the point of Quake1, and it has plenty of pics scrapped around ala scrapbook style)

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It's an official id product (or rather part of one).

If you can't get hold of a copy of the full id Anthology, then I'd suggest checking that the "Book of id" on offer contains all four CDs. In the id Anthology, the CDs were included in the "Book".

With the CDs, the Book of id makes up a large part of the id Anthology's value. The rest was really miscellaneous bits and pieces: T-shirt, miniature pewter cyberdemon, a small poster, the infamous Doom comic, some dog tags (wtf?) and a phone card jobby.

The CDs include full versions of all id's releases up to and including Quake.

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Thanks for the info peeps! and yeah there is 4 cds listed in the book.
Even one for the funny mousers:)

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