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MP on mac OS X

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Yesterday I walked into a used video game store, no intentions on buying anything, especially as I am primarily now a mac user. After some browsing I stumbled upon Doom2 for the mac - cool find!

Now, I've been active in the deathmatch community for a while (since about 1994) from doom2, the quakes, doom2 online (zdaemon mostly), but have never attempted to play Doom2 online with a mac.

Do you have experience playing Doom2 online with a mac? What port did/do you use? I see that zdaemon has a release for linux and freeBSD - have you seen this version working on OS X? Any other comments you have are sure a plus.

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Hmm, there's a Mac OS X port of Doom Legacy in the works, I think that has online play (and it might just be cross-compatible with the other Legacies). I wouldn't know though, I haven't touched Legacy since the darn thing corrupted my savegames.

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The current versions of Legacy and Doomsday do not support multiplayer yet. The closest you can get is splitscreen mode on Legacy. I think multiplayer in Doomsday OS X will be coming sometime soon, and when the C++ Legacy update is released and the Mac port of it starts being worked on, multiplayer support might be added.

Also, if you can get PrBoom to work (using X11), that should be usable for online games. I've gotten PrBoom to compile and run, but it doesn't seem to recognize any of my inputs, so I can't do anything but watch the game demos with it.

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