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Nick Perrin

Voice Acting for the NEW Marines of UAC

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Some guy e-mailed me recently asking about mouac, I said i abandoned the project, etc. and he said i should finish the next version so now I am!! However, instead of fixing bugs and making more weapon-specific deaths as I had planned, I am fixing bugs, adding new weapons, and a separate story-driven episode selectable from the "New Game" menu(complete with scripted sequences and an intro, you bet!!!).

So... since I'm incorporating a story into this, and there are going to be guys whol talk to you along the way (half-life style) I need some people to voice act some lines, I can only so many voices before I realize they all sound like me in the end.

This whole episode thing was inspired by the half-life craze I'm in right now. I just beat HL:Opposing force and intro scripted sequence of mouac is VERY similar to the intro of Opposing force, if you've ever played it. It even uses many sound clips from the game.

Anyway, back to the subject, voice actors, come forth!!

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I would like to know a little more about this. PM me and i might consider voiceing. Just tell me what you need voices for.

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I'm just going to need voice acting for other marines(big soldier voices! heheh), uac scientists(somewhat nerdy voices), and maybe some other random stuff. As for the script..... I'm not completely ready to give you the stuff you need to say, i probably should've waited till i was done to ask this, but anyway.....

That indian accent might come in handy for one of the marines!

Other characters are yet to be decided, and I might do some voices too. The gameplay of this mod is based around half-life style gameplay, so there will be a good bit of talking to further the story. I don't want to spoil any of the cool parts that I'm working on, so if you do want to voice act then please confirm it, and I'll send you the script as i work on it!

(surprised)Marine sargeant: "holy crap! I can't believe you made it out of there."(suddenly quiet)"but its not over yet. These strange creatures are everywhere. I need your help to escape."

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Lizardcommando said:

Good to hear that your project is still alive.

It's not quite the same thing at all anymore. There is still the option to play normal doom2 with just the new weapons, but the main focus is on this new episode!!

Edit: I'll PM people once I have some script ready for them to say! I hope everyone has good means of recording... in any case, I'll load all the audio files up in a wave editor anyway to make them all sound like they were recorded the same way, and for radio messages make them fuzzy and add some <kzzt> noises.

Just be sure to have the recording at a good volume level so you can hear what's being said ingame!

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