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A bit Non Doom Art

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Pentagram Tablet + PSP 7, about 3 hours of fun! C+C Welcomed :)

BTW: Can anyone reccomend me a good art community board where I can post WIP's of my work and recieve criticism rather fast (I'm rather impatient :)

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Well i wouldn't particular recommend deviantart.com]deviantart. People there can be quite sheepish (going for that inuyasha shit or whatever) and it appears that the only real way to get loads of criticisms\complements is to make friends there; watch other deviants and so forth. Well, that's my personal experience anyway.

Otherwise i don't know, but i thought i'd save you the bother.

btw, that isn't too bad a pic, though not the best. Eyebrows look a little hairy.

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