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New glBSP

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The glBSP page has been updated with a new 2.10 version.

This release should fix crashes with JHexen.
Other changes in glBSP 2.10 include:

- support V3 GL-Nodes (handle insanely complex levels).
- comprehensive problem report when levels fail.
- handle levels containing more than 32767 sidedefs.
- removed -fresh option (now the default), added -fast option.
- removed code to detect and ignore dummy sectors.
- overlapping linedefs are detected and ignored.

It's a nodesbuilder for OpenGL Doom ports, in case you're new around here. I don't think I can explain what a nodesbuilder is.

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sgtcrispy said:

Cool beans. Now make some Hexen maps people!! ;)

Hexen sucks! Anyways, it's good to see this is still being worked on.

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