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The attempts at muzzle flash

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I tried to make a muzzle flash using WW's guide, this is what I got:

Pretty crappy huh, well, if you want, you can use it as you wish for any gun you want.

I'll post more once I make more.

This is in the maps and mods area cause people can use my muzzle flashes in a gun mod if they wish.

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Yeah, It's a peice of crap, heh, I know, I just started using photoshop thats why, and scuba steve, you enlighten me with what it would look like.

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Ok, because an image gives more than a 1000 words I've decided to do some tweaks.

First I've mirrored it. A star of a flash of a light (and that is what a muzzle flash really is) is farely symmetrical. It doesn't shape an X star, thus was mirrored vertically.
A flash should be very bright, thus I've used plenty Light tweaks including the Lightness Up Retouch in the middle (that's where it is at it's brightest)
Then I removed the dirt around the flash that You made using the lousy density airbrush. I don't know what that is (gun powder? sparks?) but it's not good IMO.
It also looks You didn't use the smudge tool that makes an impression of radialy spreading rays-which make a decent "flash star".
I hope I helped in some way.

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Random smudging.
Try to think of smudges spreading out radially out of the center of Your muzzle flash, but You're on the right track.

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