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Hert Malker

Favorite Wad Of 2004 So Far

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rtc-3057 hub1 with tremor part one: genesis in a real close second place. hellcore was pretty cool as well to bad that most of the levels were mid-90's standard

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Depends which timezone you're in. I think it's legitimate to regard it as a 2004 wad if you wish.

My favourite is Vile Flesh.

Other contenders are Deus Vult, Hell Revealed II, Castle Nevermore, Reanimated, The Attraction to All Things Uncertain, Yesterday's Nightmare, Point of No Return, Nilla, Real World 2 (although disappointing compared to the first) and, for novelty value and general cuteness, Pacman Doom 2.

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There's way to many wads I liked to only pick one. So I'll just make a list.

Deus Vult
New World
Phocas Island
The Island
Action Doom
Tremor Part 1
Vile Flesh
Lost Gateway
The Attraction to All Things Uncertain
The Zdoom Community Map

And probably more I can't think of right now.

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Erik said:

There is still plenty left of 2004 :P

Release it this year please :)

ON TOPIC: Action Doom, HR2 map29, HR2 map32, and some levels from Hellcore (it had some AV-quality maps, no doubt)

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RTC-3057, and the in progress Kronos' DOOM 3 weapon mod.

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