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difficulty writing .cfg file the way I want to

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I would like to write a Doom 3 configuration script that will allow me to switch between a 'movement mode' and a 'weapons selection mode'. I made a config for Quake 2 that did exactly that.

With my Q2.cfg I could use the numeric keypad to move around and when I needed to switch weapons, I could hold down kp_ins with my thumb while simultaneously pressing a number to select the weapon I wanted very quickly and easily. I found this way of switching weapons much more efficient than having to stretch my index finger way out to hit the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0, while using a typical WASD configuration.

I am can't get this to work with Doom 3 because a binding like this:

bind kp_uparrow "_impulse7;exec move.cfg"

won't work and the console says 'unrecognized command: _impulse7'.

However, the following binding:

bind kp_uparrow "_impulse7"

works just fine.

For those of you familiar with Quake 2 console, here is the script I use and that I want to make work in Doom3.

alias MBINDS "MB1;MB2"
alias MB1 "bind kp_end +WLEFT;bind kp_downarrow +back;bind kp_pgdn +WRIGHT;bind kp_leftarrow +moveleft;bind kp_5 +WFORWARD"
alias MB2 "bind kp_rightarrow +moveright;bind kp_home invprevp;bind kp_uparrow +forward;bind kp_pgup invnextp;bind kp_del +movedown"
alias +WLEFT "cl_run 0;+moveleft"
alias -WLEFT "-moveleft;cl_run 1"
alias +WRIGHT "cl_run 0;+moveright"
alias -WRIGHT "-moveright;cl_run 1"
alias +WFORWARD "cl_run 0;+forward"
alias -WFORWARD "-forward;cl_run 1"

alias +WBINDS "WB1;WB2;WB3"
alias WB1 "bind kp_end use blaster;bind kp_downarrow use shotgun;bind kp_pgdn use super shotgun;bind kp_leftarrow use machinegun"
alias WB2 "bind kp_5 use chaingun;bind kp_rightarrow GL/HG;bind kp_home use rocket launcher;bind kp_uparrow use hyperblaster"
alias WB3 "bind kp_pgup RG;play misc/menu2"
alias GL/HG "use grenades;use grenade launcher"
alias RG/BFG "use railgun;bind kp_pgup BFG"
alias BFG "use bfg10k;bind kp_pgup RG"
alias -WBINDS "MBINDS;play misc/menu3"

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