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Hellcore released!!

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The never-ending project of Robert "Fusion" Babor,Devon "Darkfyre" West, Brad "Vorpal" Spencer and Chris Hansen is FINALLY here for us serious Doomers for to love and hate.

Let this be the topic in which we can discuss about the pros and cons of Hellcore. It should include new music, new graphics, new demos, needless to say new levels, but also all-new weapons.

Grazza or some of the other pros will probably view this for the week to come. Meanwhile, enjoy! I just downloaded it! It's available from doomworld and I just gave it its first review!

What do you guys think about this effort?

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CacoMarine said:

What do you guys think about this effort?

i think it's pretty good, it would be better if all of the levels were at the same amazing standard but sadly to many of them were 1996 standard. i really enjoyed the modern ones they played pretty good and looked fucking incredible, i really like the giant, wideopen, really good looking views in some maps (like the boat/ocean area in map01). i'l also admit that map32 made me jump in the part with the strange and scary noise and the corpse sliding in from under a door (it probably made me jump in some other parts tho, i don't remember). if all of the maps were of the same amazing standard this would be one of the best (if not the best) megawads ever made for doom. but sadly the bunch of old levels hurt this megawad (map30 was a 1993-standard piece of shit that reminds me of 1337.wad) still it's worth downloading just for all of the good levels (you can always play them from a pistol start :P)

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