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Zero X. Diamond

Looking for MIDI Composer

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Hello, the name's Zero X. Diamond. I happened to be floating around, wondering, "Where could I go to get some music made for my project?" Then it hit me. Doomworld! The DooM community's always got some people around making music.

I'm working on a project of my own based off of the popular 1993 cult classic, "Army of Darkness." It's not actually DooM engine, but this is seriously the only place I know of that I can find help. I've gone to two other guys from around here, both of which said they work mostly alone, and one of whom suggested I look for help here.

So, here I am. And here are two songs in MP3 format that I'd like MIDIs of.


I need also for the following things to be, if at all possible. Each MIDI has to be less than 64kb, probably somewhere around 30kb. Only about 4 channels should be playing at once. This stuff is only because Wolfenstein, the engine I am using, uses IMF format, and in order to convert to it, certain things must be so if it's going to be clean and untruncated.

If this post is wrong in some way, well, go ahead and yell at me. Tell me how stupid I am, as if I don't already know. If not, feel free to help me. I'd greatly appreciate it.

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