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In the year 2083 mankind made a number of advances in the area of space exploration. Fuel genetically engineered to be more efficient, stronger and more compact forms of radiation shielding, and smaller, cheaper, and more maneuverable personal space-environment suits helped make space travel more cost effective.
In 2087 the United States, Russia, Japan, and the space programs of several other, smaller countries joined together to form the Outer-Sphere Regulatory Commission. The commission's primary focus was to control all human action outside of the Earth's atmosphere. It also served to create a monopoly of the space program.
The commission quickly began looking for ways to extend its influence. Due to its similarity to the Earth and it's potential for supporting a colony, the fourth planet, Mars, was chosen. By 2092 survey crews had set up small stations on the planet's surface, and were preparing a plan for habitation.
In August of 2093, nearly ten years after man's return to space, terraformation began on Mars. Nothing of it's scope had ever been tried before, and the Commission lost million on trial and error. But an atmosphere was finally established on Mars after six years of trying. In Mars, there was a beginning, and an end.
In success, the Outer-Sphere Regulatory Commission had become irrevocably bankrupt. It lost everything, but it was not gone for good. Fueled by private investors, the commission was rebuilt under a new name: the Union Aerospace Corporation. On October 18, 2099 UAC was born.

It'll get better, I promise. I'm just setting things up.

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Heh, so far, so good. :)
On October 18, 2099, the UAC was born.
On June 18, 2112, the Demon Invasion began.

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