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New Patch destroys multiplayer?

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I can find very few servers that are even working at a ping below 300, however, when i do I get a bug thats very strange... the game slows to almost a halt, about .4 frames per second ( Idont have the showfps on so i dont know what it thinks its getting)

this occurs even on empty servers with pings of 20! wtf!!??

the game runs perfectly fine in everyother aspect, including making my own server... and it ran 100% perfect before the patch was out.... now I dled the patch and the multiplayer is unplayable

I have a Cable connection, and an ATI Radeon 9800... im scared to download any new drivers because it worked perfectly before at 1024 high Quality

Im thinking it has somehting to do with the network code, but that really shouldnt be the case since your connection speed has nothing to do with rendering of the graphics... thats all handled on the client side

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