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Captain Red

John Safran Vs God

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SBS 8:30 Monday

Anyone seen this show? it's possably the funnest thing on TV in ages. basicly, John wonders around the face planet trying out verious religons and looking into religious sub culturs.

so far the show has had the following things:

Door to door atheistism
A gun-totin' rabbi
John being shot at
The best Michael Moore paroday ever
A goat getting it's testicals bitten off
A jew trying to join the KKK
A drug trip in the Arizona desert
Beatings by Buddhist monks

for those of you who've never heard of what I'm talking about (which is the vast majorty of you) take a look at these video clips from his website. perticularly the closing rants.

despite what the title suggests, this isn't really anti-religion. it's basically John mucking around. and he goes after everyone. Including the lefties who make up the majority of his audience.

Here's a transcript from one of his closing rants:
I'll admit, there are some people smart enough to understand science and the big bang and all that stuff, and there for have enough insight and knowledge to be an atheist... But lets face it, you not one of them.


Because you're a humanitarian student with an arts degree. Lets not play any games here. If I came to your house right now and asked why the big bang theory is more rational then genius, you wouldn't even be able to stutter out a semblance of an answer.

So were do you get off sniggering at Christians like they're stupid, and you have some amazing insight? Sure you brought a copy of Steven Hawkins A brief history of time, but I think if you waddle over to your book shelf , you see the the book mark is in exactly the same place where you left it nine years ago... on page three.

Face it. You're too stupid to be an atheist.

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