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More ambient sounds

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How do i get a sound to play when i cross over a particular two sided linedef? Can i tag an ambient sound to it or something of that sort? I just want the sound to play once right after i cross over the linedef.

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activatorsound ("sound", volume) plays the sound from where you're standing. (a guarantee of full volume in single player, and very useful in multiplayer)

sectorsound ("sound", volume) plays the sound in the sector the line is facing. (not very effective IMO)

thingsound (tid, "sound", volume) plays the sound from the appropriate thing. (can be useful, as you can make the sound come from nearby somewhere, like a scream or an explosion)

ambientsound ("sound", volume) plays the sound at full volume across the map. (but it must be defined as ambient in sndinfo)

All of these use the logical sound names (ie. the ones defined in sndinfo) and volume goes from 0-127. They are internal functions though, so they have to be in a script.

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